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NHS Heroes

NHS Heroes

NHS Thank You

At the start of the Covid-19 outbreak we appealed to our customers to nominate doctors, nurses, carers and other people working in frontline services who might appreciate a gift of Grasmere Gingerbread®.

It coincided with one engaged couple who donated their Grasmere Gingerbread® wedding favours to their local hospital after Covid-19 forced their wedding to be cancelled. Click here to see their story.

By April 9 we had received more than 150 responses from all parts of the country.

Customers nominated infirmary staff, workers in care homes, 111 call centre handlers, a children’s centre and even the ‘forgotten’ staff working in a mortuary.

The words used to describe people risking their own lives to save us included ‘working tirelessly and selflessly’, ‘an amazing team’, ‘working so hard’, ‘battling team spirit’, ‘kindness and humanity’ and even ‘sacrificial lambs’ in relation to the lack of adequate personal protective equipment. One nominator even composed a spirited poem to commend her hospital colleagues.

We honoured every nomination, however due to the high response of nearly 220 (as of 24th April 2020) we are no longer accepting nominations.

All the nominations are posted here so that people can see just how much their dedication and selfless hard work is appreciated.

Staff at Cynthia Spencer Hospice receiving their Gingerbread

Leona Harris, Covid Ward, Fairfield Hospital, Bury.

Directors Nomination:

“I have been incredibly moved by the stories accompanying the many nominations that have poured in to Grasmere Gingerbread. Similarly, I was moved to tears when I read a news article about an amazing young lady called Leona Harris working on a Covid-19 ward. She has selflessly raised over £30,000 to buy iPads for patients to communicate with their loved ones during their time in hospital.  Total inspirational when she is working on the front-line. A modern-day Florence Nightingale.”  Joanne Hunter.

Team at NHS111 (Ashford Kent)

Nominated by Laura Rollinson who said:

“The NHS111 service has been severely over burned and the staff have been working round the clock to release pressure from hospitals and 999 services.  They have been the first point of call for all patients during this crisis.  They have been overlooked in thank yous that have been given – yet they have been the service that everyone has been told to call or access, they are working so hard and deserve some recognition.”

Team at Lancaster Suite at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary

Nominated by Lynda McMullen who said:

“Before the outbreak just an ordinary busy medical team but now an admission ward for Covid patients.  The staff are under great pressure with many staff off work with the virus, but the team spirit is amazing, and they are battling on.”

Lynda sent in a poem:

The Eye of The Tiger

I was a runner once,

‘Come on Lyn – Eye of the Tiger’

my dads encouragement on a run,

Dig deep Lyn, you can do this

The Eye of the Tiger!

I want to run now!


We are a team, we are a work family,

We know everything about each other,

Now we laugh, we joke, we don’t say it,

But we know it and we see it

We see the fear, in the eyes above the masks

We dig deep, we can do this.


Covid 19, a word I don’t want to hear again,

another C word to hate!

Have we got the correct protection,

are we the sacrificial lambs?

That C word is still there,

think we preferred the Q word!


There is is a job to be done,

people that need us,

We don the masks and banish the fear

dig deep, that songs on repeat!

Professional, caring and calm

We pull it off again, those masks hide a lot!


We have families at home,

we’d rather be there,

Relatives we can’t visit,

a mum I want to hug.

We wash, we change,

hoping to leave the Covid behind.

Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Mortuary

Nominated by Sally Woods

“They are an amazing team and of the forgotten ones who have to deal with the tragic side of loss of life, made worse by the current crisis.  They speak to relatives and offer reassurance that deceased loved ones are being cared for.  This back of house part of the hospital is often overlooked yet they care for deceased of all ages from not only the 4 main hospital sites but also the wide community.  They work around the clock seven days a week on call and are a small team.”

Respiratory Team at Gloucester Royal Hospital

Nominated by Sara Todd

“Working tirelessly and selflessly to help their patients I these difficult times and my heart goes out to them.”

Ward C6 University Hospital of Wales

Nominated by Trudy Downes

“My mother was admitted to hospital a week ago with a stroke, then a swab result proved to be Covid so transferred to the war. Gingerbread will brighten up their day.”

ICU West Middlesex Hospital

Nominated by Izzy Fraser

“My brother is a doctor there and he has just spent two weeks recovering from Covid and has gone straight back onto night shifts, him and his colleagues are working really hard and would like a treat.”

Carton House, Middlesex

Nominated by Mark Baker

Admirable careers that would appreciate such a gift.

Wybourn Children Centre, Sheffield

Nominated by Rachel Wilde

“Nominating my colleagues – like everyone it has been difficult within the team, yet everyone has pulled together with great spirit, several in the team have been in isolation which has put on extra pressure.  We are still working on call trying our best to make sure the local women and families still managed to have their desired births int his difficult climate.  This is an amazing gesture and will bright up our tea break and help moral within the team.”

Martin’s Community Hospital, Bath

Nominated by Helen Rayner

We have just started to take our first Covid patients and the whole team are working hard to keep everyone safe, it is quite a stressful time, but the team are pulling together which is great to see. A pack of Gingerbread would go down a treat to keep morale up in our ward meetings – sitting 2 m apart from each other.  Many thanks.”

ICU, Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary

Nominated by Ceridwen Tallett

“I would like to nominate the staff at the ICU at the RVI please.  They were so wonderful at looking after my aunt and supporting my family at the end of February, helping my aunt with die with dignity, all the while tending to other patients and their families with equal compassion and decency.  The kindness and humanity in the way they dealt with my family was truly beautiful and humble to witness.  I know they will be swamped, working even harder than they already do in cramped conditions with an even higher emotional load and I know a delivery of your magical gingerbread would lift their spirits.  No doubt you will be inundated with nominations but just wanted to call them out as having experienced how amazing they were first hand, I’ve no doubt they will be handling the current conditions where people are unable to be with their loved ones in the most tender, respectful and loving of ways.”

Shipley Hall Nursing Home

Nominated by Sharan Cheema

“Due to the present situation Sue has been working around the clock 24/7 to ensure the safety and well-being of the service users as well as looking after her loved ones.”

British Red Cross, Kendal Branch

Nominated by Anonymous

“David Taylor and his team, as always, been working tirelessly during this crisis, co-ordinating Cumbria’s response and supporting the vulnerable.  Alas, the Red Cross rarely gets a mention in the press for all the work it does in the UK.”

What David had to say: “What a lovely surprise whoever the mystery person is, has made not only my day, but that of the team, they are really “chuffed” to be recognised… though I am not sure they trust me to save a piece!

The British Read Cross (BRC) is co-ordinating the sourcing to deployment of multi-agency volunteers in to the four NHS Recovery Centres in Whitehaven, Carlisle, Kendal and Barrow.  This involves working closely with the local authority, two NHS Trusts and third sector partners, such as the Cumbria CVS who are managing the registration website www.supportcumbria.org.uk

The devising and implementing of a plan to source, filter, recruit and train hundreds of volunteers in readiness for them being allocated and deployed by the BRC has taken four weeks of hard work.

The BRC’s Emergency Response in Cumbria (Eric) team have provided practical and emotional support to those affected at most major incidents since the Carlisle floods of 2005.

A & E Department, Furness General Hospital

Nominated by Tony Jones

“They are the front line in Barrow and are overwhelmed!”

Paediatric Critical Care, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Nominated by Victoria Whittle

“This ward has now been changed to deal with adults with Covid patients.  They are paediatric nurses who have had to become adult nurses with a half a day’s training moving onto the frontline, some of the team have only been qualified for just over a year and I am so proud and scared to see my daughter as one of them.”

NHS Heroes

A & E and Covid Assessment Unit, Great Western Hospital, Swindon

Nominated by Sue Cook

“Many thanks for this kind gesture, I understand if you are overwhelmed with requests.”

Buckinghamshire NHS Trust

Nominated by Pearl Vieja – a nurse herself at Preston Hospital

“A husband and wife both working in this hospital on different wards both of which are looking after Covid patients.  They have 3 boys and they have been unable to sleep in the same room due to the fear of spreading the virus in case they get it.”

ICU, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

Nominated by Vega Omar

Marie Curie Hospice, Edinburgh

Nominated by Emma Collingwood

“To say thank you for all their hard work.  They are going to be palliative care in Edinburgh for those very poorly people who can’t have respirator treatment for Covid-19 in NHS hospitals.  It’s a particularly trying task for their hard-working nurses and I think they deserve a Thank You.”

Stevenage Ambulance Hub

Nominated by Carolyn Parkinson

“Paramedics are working so hard at the moment, receiving this will really boost them all on a long shift.”

ICU Southport District General Hospital

Nominated by Allan Smith

“This is really appreciated, and it will definitely cheer the team up at this difficult time.”

Police Relief Team, Peckham

Nominated by Anonymous

“Of course the other emergency services are still going strong and especially the police service who are still expected to work as normal, to go into people’s homes and get up close with people with in the most part, only gloves for protection.  They also haven’t been getting the same level of appreciation. They deserve some tasty gingerbread for their refs, it will make a change from them having to buy themselves doughnuts!”

Cynthia Spencer Hospice, Northamptonshire

Nominated by Phillip Cheng


Postgraduate Education Centre, Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Nominated by Ann Spafford

“I work for Health Education England and works with junior doctors across the country who are returning early to clinical practice following a break mainly due to maternity or research.  They are having to go back sooner due to Covid-19.  The team are running daily webinars to refresh these trainee’s clinical knowledge, boast their confidence to return in such unsettling times and make sure they also look after their own wellbeing as a priority. So far, they have reached 2000 individuals and the feedback is really positive.  These young doctors didn’t go into a medical career to put their own lives at risk, but they are doing so anyway, to protect and save the general public.  I cannot thank them enough.”

Bohanam House, Gloucester

Nominated by Brenda Merritt

“My family are receiving amazing nursing care; the country’s focus is rightly on the NHS, but care homes are facing and dealing with issues in isolation.”

Princess Alice Hospice, Esher, Surrey

Nominated by: Rukshana Bilimoria

“I volunteer here in normal times, but volunteers have been stood down and the hospice is working with a greatly reduced number of people and struggling to provide their usual outstanding care with shortages of adequate equipment, staff etc. Also, they are acutely aware that all fundraising events have been put on hold which will have severe repercussions in the months to come.  I want them to know that I, like all the volunteers, are thinking about them at this time and can’t wait to return.”

Covid-19 Staff Screening, Great Ormond Street Hospital

Nominated by: Henry Parkinson

“Healthcare scientists are important, but often forgotten part of the health service.  The laboratory at Great Ormond Street is running a staff screening service, testing symptomatic NHS staff for Sars-Cov, the virus that causes Covid-19.  Getting tested allows frontline clinical staff to come back to work more quickly.  The laboratory is run by healthcare scientists and volunteers from local academic institutions who are freely giving their time and expertise to help this outbreak, which is why I am nominating them.”

Respiratory Physiotherapy Team, Rotherham

Nominated by: Fern Curtis

“I have a friend in the team who is a young mum with two little girls, she’s on the front-line helping patients come off ventilators and I know her and the wider team could definitely do with a treat to keep them going.”

Patient Progression Team, Furness Hospital

Nominated by: Jill Coulson

“The staff are working hard and supporting intensive care with the pandemic.”

Domestic Team, Airedale Hospital

Nominated by: Jenette Davies

Cleaning teams are frontline workers and deep clean infected wards.

Covid-19 Ward (previously gynaecology ward), St. Mary’s Hospital, Manchester

Nominated by: Jenette Davies

“Gynaecology nurses from this ward could be working on any ward in the hospital to where they are needed, nobody is doing their regular job.”

Community Mental Health Team, Victoria Central Hospital, Wallasey

Nominated by: Ellie Jessop

“The community mental health team (CMHT) in the Wallasey and Central Wirral cover GP practice area, one of the team members is from Cumbria so a taste of home while she works hard!”

Salford Palliative Care Team

Nominated by: Eamonn Kelly

Layden Court Care Home, Rotherham

Nominated by: Diane Addy

“The majority of the residents have dementia at varying stages, some have physical needs, some are permanently bed-ridden.  Staff are putting the needs of the residents ahead of their own needs by turning up for their shifts everyday. Since visitors are not allowed, they organise entertainment so that every day for the residents can be different and they can continue to interact activities and with each other. My mother has been a resident for 19 months now and I have not yet to meet a member of staff who isn’t smiling and treating resident with care and respect. We are very lucky to have such a dedicated team looking after these still very important members of families, and personally I cannot thank them enough for looking after my mum.”

Renal Ward, St. James University Hospital, Leeds

Nominated by: Sabby Kaur

“The renal ward has been converted into a corona ward and my amazing sister works there, her spirit, kindness and work ethic uplifts all around her.”

Torkington House Care Home, Acton, London

Nominated by: Val Woodroofe

“The staff are Torkington House at amazing!  What a brilliant idea.”

ICU, Luton & Dunstable University Hospital

Nominated by: Jacqui Arnold-Jellis

“My lovely team of Nutrition Nurses are currently working in the ICU and elderly care areas and wanted to give them a big shout out as well as all the amazing people covering ICU areas. My trust has done an amazing job in opening up two wards to expand the ICI capacity.  I can only imagine how hard they are working to save their patients and would love them to win the gingerbread to show a small token of my gratitude and love for them all at this really difficult time.”

Gospel Oak Integrated Primary Care Team, London

Nominated by: Elaine Downey

“I would like to nominate Gospel Oak Integrated Primary Care Team who are continuing to provide community nursing therapy and visits to all our housebound patients in Camden, London. Under CNWL Community Trust.  They are an amazing dedicated team, and everyone is pulling together at this very challenging time.

Admin Team, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation

Nominated by: Alison Latter

“I would like to nominate our admin team; we are not on the frontline regarding COVID-19 but we work in mental health. We have had to adapt the way we work.  We have been very short staffed but have worked exceptionally hard to keep things going.  Our patient’s mental health needs still need to be met during this challenging time.  Admin largely gets forgotten but in a time of crisis people have realised now much they need us.”

The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Nominated by: Sue Clarke

“Most of the hospital staff are involved with ITU patients I am sure that the doctor in question and his fellow medics would very much appreciate some of your delicious gingerbread.”

Park View Care Home, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Nominated by: Alan Pratt

“My mother is staying at the Park View Care Home; the entire staff are doing a wonderful job to raise spirits and keep up moral.”

Belvedere Care Home

 Nominated by: Tim Edwards

“My mother-in-law works in a home for the elderly and is a key worker.  I would like to nominate her and her colleagues for your kind offer of some Gingerbread.”

The Palliative and End of Life Care Team, The Royal Bolton Hospital

Nominated by: Jill Smith

“I know how hard they work to ensure that seriously ill patients in the final stages of their life (and their families), receive the best possible care and support.  As for all health and social care workers, these are testing times and as well as their skills and compassion, they are now also demonstrating considerable personal bravery.  A gift of your gingerbread would put a big smile on their faces and would be much appreciated.  Thank you.”

Emergency Department, Cumberland Infirmary

Nominated by Victoria Taylor

“I wanted to nominate my friend who is working in Carlisle Hospital on the front line as a nurse and has two young boys at home to care for. She is amazing and loves your gingerbread and I’m sure the rest of her team in the ward would too!”

Neonatal Unit, Royal Lancaster Infirmary

Nominated by: William London-Smith

“I’d like to nominate the neonatal unit at Royal Lancaster Infirmary, where they are looking after babies and new mothers who have had Covid-19.”

Dispensary Team, Beech Tree Surgery, Selby

Nominated by: Carolyn Kealey

“I would like to nominate my team who are extremely hard working at our branch surgery in Carlton, North Yorkshire.  They are working weekends and bank holidays to ensure that our patients receive their regular medication.”

Orthopaedic Outpatient Department, Royal Albert Edward Infirmary

Nominated by: Hilary Yates

“I nominate Sister Lindy Fairhurst and her amazing team working on the fracture/clinic now a step-up A& E for trauma at the RAEI.  On of the main aims to keep patients safe has been to operate virtual clinics which avoids people having to attend in person.”

Gilling Reane Care Home, Kendal

Nominated by: Miggy Scott

“The staff a Gilling Reane care for patients with grace and humour.  They do well to keep in touch with those of us excluded from visiting.”

Pharmacy Departments at Royal & Alexandra Hospitals in Worcestershire

Nominated by: Alan Catterall, colleague working from home in Grasmere.

“They are on their knees.”

Rose Lawn Care Home, Sidmouth

Nominated by: Irene Hirons

“They are doing a brilliant job of caring for those in their care.  They are always willing to pass on messages, always have a smile and a cheery word for the residents and are working hard to protect the vulnerable at this time.  I applaud them and hope a little Gingerbread will brighten their day and show them people care and appreciate them and the work they do.”

Guisborough Manor Care Home

Nominated by: Alison Weston

Cawston Park, Norwich

Nominated by: Tonia Harradine

“What a lovely idea, both my son and daughter work at a social care organisation supporting people with complex needs and it would be absolutely lovely if their colleagues received this gift to acknowledge their hard work as key workers which often goes unnoticed.  They work extremely long shifts and I for one am proud of them both as well as other support workers.”

EAU, Horton General Hospital, Banbury

Nominated by: Lizzie Stevens

“I would like to nominate my partner, who is an emergency medicine doctor working in Banbury, along with all his hard-working colleagues.”

Ward A3, Wythenshawe Hospital

Nominated by: Gabriella Barbieri

“What an absolutely fabulous idea!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.”

Rowlands Pharmacy, Swindon (delivery driver and dispenser)

Nominated by: Tracey Purnell

“Pharmacy staff are classed as essential front-line NHS services but seem to be overlooked whenever anyone talks about front line workers. My daughter-in-law and many of the staff have been in tears due to the amount of abuse they have been getting from patients who are probably anxious and scared but that means they are taking it out on the staff on a daily basis.  The staff are working flat out and they have been told by the government that they now must open and continue providing services across the bank holiday so many of them will be working without a break to ensure everyone continues to receive their medication.

As so many people are either being shielded or are vulnerable and self- isolating, deliveries have sky rocketed, pharmacies obviously look after people who were already requiring life sustaining medications, sometimes end of life medications, and people who require a prescription diet – these are vital supplies and I am extremely proud of my son and daughter in law and all the other hundreds and thousands of pharmacy workers who tirelessly working to support us yet seemingly not being recognised.  They did not have PPE or even screen to protect them until last Friday, my son has been out and about visiting peoples homes and delivering medication to people who are confirmed cases of Covid-19 some of whom were housebound and infirm prior to this outbreak.

I miss my son, daughter-in-law and my 5 year old grandson enormously and naturally I am worried about them and their colleagues, a pack of gingerbread would show my appreciation of their work and I think could make a big difference to staff morale which is starting to take a bit of a dip.  Thank you for the gesture I am sure whoever gets a donation of your wonderful gingerbread will be most appreciated.”

A & E, Eastbourne District General Hospital

Nominated by Alison Lewis

“My daughter is a doctor working in A&E in Eastbourne Hospital, all the staff are wonderful, and this would be an extra special treat.”

Lloyds Pharmacy, Penicuik

Nominated by: Alan Smith

“All the staff are working to ensure their patients get their medications.”

Westmead Residential Home, North Devon

Nominated by: Abbi Ashton

“My aunty has lived here for our 40 years.  She was born with spina bifida and has spent her life in a wheelchair. She lives with 20 other residents, all of whom have severe disabilities.  The staff there are amazing and work tirelessly to give the residents as comfortable life as they can.  The staff are overworked, underpaid and under appreciated by many, but those of use who are close can see the huge effort they put in to give the residents a genuine home, rather than just a roof over their heads.  At this current time, the residents are all in true lockdown, they cannot even go outside to their small garden area for fear of coming into contact with the general public and no visitors are allowed.  So, the staff will no doubt be run ragged at present trying to keep everyone’s spirits up.”

Blue Zone, Macclesfield District General Hospital

Nominated by: Angela Kelly

“The sister here is a cardiac rehabilitation nurse and she and her team are using their existing skills plus new skills to assist their ward colleagues who are stretched due to Corona Virus. Her experience and support on the medical wards are invaluable at this challenging time.”

Worden Medical Centre, Leyland

Nominated by: Susan Woods

“I would like to nominate the doctors and nurses at the Worden Medical Centre, they are all doing a wonderful job during these trying times.  I am sure a gift would make them feel that they are appreciated.”

Cardiology in Reach Team, Macclesfield District General Hospital

Nominated by: Jenny Shields

“Many thanks for what you are doing.”

Renacres Hospital, Ormskirk

Nominated by: Berni Ryan

“This is a small hospital that has provided help and support for all elderly and vulnerable as well as general patients needing surgery and consultation.  They have even taken and transferred elderly vulnerable from Southport Hospital to release beds for the more needy patients.”


Nuclear Medicine Department, Barnsley

Nominated by: Gillian Littlewood

“The Nuclear Medicine Department are usually forgotten about as nobody has heard of them.  They are frontline and scan patients in a department within the Xray department. They work hard and are amazing with patients and very reassuring and caring.”

Hunters Down Care Home, Huntingdon

Nominated by: Alison Ward

“My mother was a regular visitor to you shop before dementia took hold.  I also take your gingerbread to her when I have visited the shop.  The care my mother receives is exceptional and the dedication of the staff amazing.  I do hope you have enough left to send a teatime treat to the staff.”

A & E Department, The York Hospital

Nominated by: Rosemary Ronaldson

Doctors and nurses on the team in the A & E Department.

Westmorland General Hospital, Kendal

Nominated by: Chris Norris

Central Delivery Suite, Royal Bolton Hospital

Nominated by: Sue Rennie

“The team are working tirelessly to maintain a sense of happiness and peace and calm for the new mummy’s and daddy’s and their families at this very difficult time.  The team are an absolute ray of sunshine in a very dark time but say that wheat they are going through doesn’t compare to the ICU unit and the RBH who are working even harder to care for and support those patients there.

Pharmacy Department Leighton Hospital, Crewe

Nominated by: Jean Monk

“A piece of Grasmere Gingerbread would be much appreciated by the team in the pharmacy department with a cup of tea, a little treat.  As so many people are separated from their families and loved ones, its heart-warming that companies like yourselves are sending treats for the people who are working so tirelessly for us all at this time.”

Radiotherapy Department, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

Nominated by: Anna Mara

“Whilst the Coronavirus pandemic is fore front in the news headlines, other vital hospital services still have to carry on.”

The Orchard Nursing Home, St. Albans

Nominated by: Peter Jones

“I would like to nominate the Team at the nursing home my mother, Jean Jones, lived in until her death this time last year.  Mum was a true Lancastrian, who lived 87 of her 91 years in Bury.  When she had to move to St. Albans, she used to regale the staff with stories of walks in the Lakes, and whenever I was up in Grasmere, she always asked us to bring back your gingerbread to share at the home.  The nursing and care team at The Orchard were wonderful, supporting her so gently and encouragingly, making her feel at home and always finding time to chat with her in her room when she wasn’t well enough to come to the lounge.  Mum had limited arm movement and was partially blind, yet the staff found so much she could do, even extending bringing in reptiles for her to feel and touch, experiencing the different skin textures – wonderful!

Herald Green Health Centre, Cheadle

Nominated by: Jan Atkinson

“I would like to nominate the staff at the Herald Centre who are doing a great job in providing for and supporting their patients.  Thanks for the opportunity and to recognise their huge effort to care.”

University Hospital, Kilmarnock

Nominated by: Martin Sansby

St. Martins Hospital, Bath

Nominated by: Helen Raynor

The whole team are working hard to keep everyone safe.  It is quite a stressful time, but the team are pulling together which is great to see.  A pack of gingerbread would go down a treat to keep moral up in one of our ward meetings (sitting 2m apart from each other!).”

Musgrave House, Bolton

Nominated by: Tracey Holliday

“Musgrave House is attached to the Royal Bolton Hospital.  My cousin has been on the front-line since it started as her speciality is respiratory problems.  She never complains, she never says she is tired, and she look exhausted.  She is working extra shifts due to a shortage of staff who are self-isolating yet has still found time to sit and hold and elderly patients’ hand through was a frightening time. She is also looking after her aunty, doing her shopping and other things she might need in addition to looking after her own parents.  The thing is adversity like this brings out the best of people but in Tracey’s eyes its there all the time and it is for all these reasons (and there are too many to mention) that I feel Tracey and her colleagues are most deserving of a gingerbread tea break treat.”

SSU/AMU, Barnsley Hospital

Nominated by: Abigail Tolan

“My team would love gingerbread to keep them going.”

Diabetes Centre, London

Nominated: David Bruce

“My local diabetic department have been working tirelessly to help out lots of stressed patients who can’t get the usual level of care need.”

ICU/HDU, Oldham Royal Hospital

Nominated by: John Mitchell

“My daughter is a critical care nurse on the ICU wards, unbelievably dedicated and hardworking professional team.”

Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, Lincolnshire

Nominated by:

“My nomination is for my mum and her night shift colleagues at Pilgrim Hospital.  My mum and her colleagues are working tirelessly to look after everyone’s else’s loved ones whilst keeping a distance from their own.  My Dad is classed at high risk, so he and mum are living at different ends of the house.  My parents usually see me and my children at least twice a week but other than several phone calls a week we have not seen them for 2 months and lets face it never too old for a hug from mum! I am scared for my mum.  My mum has said it is becoming more and more emotional for them as more and more people are being admitted and testing positive and how some are dying from Covid-19 without any loved ones to hold their hand!”

Labour Ward, Calderdale Royal Hospital

Nominated by: Lucy White

“I had my 3rd baby in January and was looked after so well by the team here, I think a special treat would help lift spirits during this time.”

Ward 1, Nottingham City Hospital

Nominated by: Maureen Cussans

“I would like to nominate my niece and her colleagues at Nottingham City Hospital whose ward was the first in the hospital to be taken over by Covid-19 patients and sadly filled up quickly, with relentless numbers still coming in.  Despite, as the news reports, working without necessary protective equipment – which many would have reacted differently to – they have worked nonstop longer shifts under incredibly emotional and demanding conditions.  It would be absolutely wonderful if you support her and the team.”

Boots Pharmacy, Carrickfergus

Nominated by:  The Pollock Family

“Our community pharmacists are a the front line of this surreal time.  They are massively overlooked, underpaid and as well as dispensing medicines etc at the moment they are having many health enquiries/consultations as it is difficult if not impossible to get a gp appointment.  On top of that they are at the receiving end of people’s fear and frustration at this time.  Boots Carrickfergus are the best.  They go the extra mile everytime.”

Wyndham Hall Care Home, Bicester

Nominated by: Catherine Gunn

“As the crisis intensifies the staff have increasingly difficult case loads and just want to stress how incredibly brave, they all are.  Tremendous staff both day and night.  I don’t know how they keep going and am extremely grateful for their care and attention.  All the staff, the nurses, caters, manager, ancillary staff, catering, housekeeping, receptionists are superstars.  I am amazed at their devotion to leave their families to look after the residents here.”

National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London

Nominated by: Katie Slide

“Jan and Michaels work together as Motor Neurone disease nurse specialist in central London and have been supporting our very vulnerable patients during this difficult time by telephone and facetime.  Jan has volunteered to work with the ventilated patients at the London Excel Centre and Michaela is also working on the wards with Covid patients.  They love the gingerbread!”

Ashton Moor Care Home, Bognor Regis

Nominated by: Jill Gilbert

“The care home takes the most extreme cases of dementia – ones that other care homes will not take. All the staff are facing their own battle to try and keep their patients safe and well, healthy in mind and body.”

Acute ICU/North West Ventilation Unit, Wythenshawe Hospital

Nominated by: Dr Clifford Shelton

“As a proud Cumbrian please can you send some gingerbread to the intensive care units where I work please.  We have two units running for patients with Covid right now, both fully occupied with many staff from other wards getting stuck in and helping us out – they would really appreciate a morale boost!”

Harlow Carr House, Harrogate

Nominated by: Michelle Chapman

“The staff of Harlow Carr House at Vida Grange dementia care home have been working incredibly hard to keep Covid-19 out of their home.  Whilst we applaud the great work of the NHS staff, I think we forget the careers in care homes, and especially those carers who are looking after residents who are living with dementia.  Caring for these people is testing at the best of times, but during lockdown it is especially trying for the carers as their residents do not understand why their normal routines continue at this time. 

Adult Early Help Team, Buckinghamshire

Nominated by: Lisa Truett

“I nominate my co-workers in the adult early help team, we have spent the last three weeks (05.04) to open a council run care home to support hospital discharges and allow people to spend as little time in hospital.”

Ward L40, Leeds General Infirmary

Nominated by: Keith Sugedon

“I would like to nominate my wife and the great team she works with; she is a sister on a busy children’s ward.  She and her team have had to embrace many changes over the last couple of weeks, losing some of their staff to man a new adults ward but also to incorporate other ward/departments into their area.  As of last week, there is no 4 wards in the space where there is normally two such is the present demand. She has come home daily with tales of how well everyone is adapting and working together and supporting each other.  They seem to have all remained positive and cheerful and are credit to the NHS. My wife has worked for the NHS for 41 years this April and I feel this deserves some recognition.”  

We do too – Well Done!

MDU/Physio Ridgway Hospital, Swindon

Nominated by: Sue Pready

“The nurses are on the go constantly, inserting cannulas, checking obs as this medical day unit does ongoing chemo and other infusions.   They are always cheerful and last time I was there they were joking about asking for a pay rise as long as it could be paid in loo rolls!”

ICU Ward, St. Georges Hospital, Tooting

Nominated by: Naomi Standard

“The Sister her and the team have been working above and beyond the call of duty during this horrific period.  I can’t think of anyone more worthy for your amazing gingerbread.”

Cardiac Ward, Royal Sussex Hospital

Nominated by: Alexandra Tomlinson

“Thank you very much for this, I know that it will make a difference to her day.”

Operating Theatres, Furness General Hospitals

Nominated by: Mike Davis

“Gary Parsons is going the extra mile for the NHS and also not afraid to volunteer outside and also put himself on the line to help get the ppe they need.”

Estates and Ancillary Dep, Lancaster Royal Infirmary

Nominated by: Martha Brocklebank

“My daughter is the assistant manager to the porters and cleaners and they do a great job of keeping the hospital clean, the porters also do a great job, although not the front line they work hard in the background.”

ASC Dep, Grantham and District Hospital

Nominated by: Vanda Murphy

“The adult social care team at Grantham hospital continue to work throughout the pandemic supporting patients to return home or to a care home with the correct support.”

Wolverley Surgery, Kidderminster

Nominated by: Holly West

“The surgery have been working really hard during the Covid-19 breakout so this gift would be perfect for them all to share – I haven’t found any other gingerbread better!”

Neonatal Intensive Care Team, King’s College Hospital, London

Nominated by: Kirsten Robi

“The staff approach difficult situations with kindness, empathy, good humour and most importantly their expertise. My son is now happy, thriving little chunk in no small part thanks to them!”

Urgent Dental Care Team, Chesterfield

Nominated by: Steph Gale

“I nominate Saltergate Dental Care, who are the first to volunteer to work the emergency dental unit in Chesterfield.”

Maternity Unit, Royal Preston Hospital

Nominated by: Hannah Raisbeck

“I would like to nominate my midwifery colleagues at Royal Preston.  I am currently on maternity leave with my baby, so I am not on the front line myself, but I am thinking dearly of all my friends at work. They are supporting new mothers at a very worrying time, with great care and compassion in their work.”

Primrose Care Home, Leeds

Nominated by: Lesley Christie

“The wonderful care staff at my mum’s care home are looking after all the ladies and gentlemen there some with dementia through this difficult time.”

HMP Woodhill, Milton Keynes

Nominated by: Jo Suddaby

“They are doing an amazing job at this difficult time without any ppe.”

Estate Management, Cumberland Infirmary

Nominated by: Millie Gavican

“The team are maintaining the hospital electricians, plumbers, cleaners and telephone support.”

Physio & Occupational Therapy, Lyndon

Nominated by: Jane Bishton

“Thank you for your lovely gesture in this uncertain time.”

Tissue Viability Team, Royal Blackburn Hospital

Nominated by: Kathryn Saunders

“The team cover both hospital and district patients, as a retired nurse I really understand how much your gift would be appreciated.”

St. David’s Hospice, Llandudno

Anonymous Nomination.

“I would like to nominate John Gray and his colleagues at St. David’s Hospice, Llandudno.  I have been following his blog for years and the care, dedication and compassion he shows, his care shines out.  He has a wonderful sense of humour too.  I has been looking and sounding rather tired and stressed recently, but still willingly gave up some leave to cover for other staff that have had to go off for various reasons connect to the current crisis.  I can only imagine how emotionally gruelling it must be to work in a hospice at the best of times, it must be most difficult now.  I think he and the team would appreciate some of your gingerbread!”

Critical Care Unit, New Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Nominated by: Johnathan Rooke

“For all their hard work treating Covid-19 patients on the biggest intensive care unit in Europe (prior to the NHS Nightingale being built).”

Recovery Team, Western General Hospital

Nominated by: Karen Ivory

“Recovery are now makeshift ICU for covid-19 patients and are working round the clock to care for these very poorly people as well as recovering cancer patients from major operations in separate recovery areas.  I would love for them to receive some of your wonderful gingerbread to keep them all going.”

Abbeyfield Care Home, Rugby

Nominated by: Judy Brook

“In appreciation for their dedication, hard work and kindness to all the residents.”

Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow

Nominated by: Julia Van Niekerk

“For the senior site manager, Lou Redknap and her team who all work so hard anyway and particularly right now.  They are dealing with things most of us never have to even think about.  Lou volunteered at the Nightingale, but has had to take a step back to remain at the PAH for various reasons; 3 kids, a dog, a cat and has MS.  She selfless and amazing.”

Community Learning Disability Team

Nominated by: Julie Worrall

“The teamwork with people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. This means they have to ensure that their clients understand what is happening and help them through this current situation.  They also have to support their clients through hospital admission if needed.  The whole team have changed their working patterns to ensure continuous support.”

ICU, Royal United Hospital, Bath

Nominated by: Jackie Duffy

“It would be a lovely surprise for them and sure they would appreciate it.”

Education Centre, Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Nominated by: Jeanette Yates

“We had Grasmere Gingerbread wedding favours in 2016 and I would love to nominate one of the departments I work for a gift for tea breaks. It is the library in the Education centre, our hours have been amended to facilitate the children of the doctors and nurses to support Covid-19.”

Treehouse Children’s Unit, Stockport

Nominated by: Claire Coulby

“I would like to nominate the unit which is part of the Stepping Hill Hospital for being together and strong at this time.  Helping parents and families through this terrible time and supporting the Trust through this time.  We are grateful for each other and the community which we support.”

Respiratory Physio, Southampton General Hospital

Nominated by: Fiona Durrant

“My friend is a respiratory physio and her team are the only ones asking Covid-19 patients to actually cough – she has been working on the Covid wards with her colleagues in full PPE gear.  The physios are now having to move around the wards.”

Ward F7, West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St. Edmonds

Nominated by: Wendy Green

“I am a nurse at the West Suffolk Hospital and have seen how hard it has been for the nursing team on Ward F7.  They are the first team to take on the care of Covid-19 patients at our hospital and had to cope with the sudden change in patients’ needs along with health risk to themselves. The intensive care teams are fabulous, but I felt that the F7 Nursing Team are very much the unsung heroes.  I hope you feel they are worthy recipients of your gift.”

Nutrition and Dietetics

Nominated by: David Cousins

“My nominee is an Australian working in the NHS and would like to nominate him and his colleagues, I think it is a lovely thing you are doing.”

UGI, Cancer Centre, Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading

Nominated by: Melanie Foster

This is such a lovely thing for you to do!  This special lady is usually an Oncology nurse but is now front line and is currently on the palliative care Covid-19 ward which is especially difficult given the known outcome on their ward.”

Ward 6, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

Nominated by: Paul Sharkey

“I would like to nominate the NHS staff of ward 6, who I cannot thank enough for their compassion and care they provided to my wife during a period which ended up being the final few months of her life.  Your shop lives long in the memory as she was diagnosed with breast cancer almost after we returned home from that holiday.”

The Witterings Medical Centre, East Wittering

Nominated by: Pauline Tunnicliffe

“We know how hard all the team are working in testing conditions and appreciate their efforts.”

Grange Care Home, Balbeggie, Perthshire

Nominated by: Rachel Taylor

“Firstly, can I just say what a lovely gesture it is that you are asking for nominations for NHS and care staff team to receive packets of delicious Grasmere Gingerbread, I am sure it will be much appreciated.

My younger sister has special needs and resides at a care home in Perthshire and would like to nominate the team who care for her. Although the family really miss not being able to visit, we know the staff who look after her are doing their very best at this difficult time.”

Patient Flow Team, West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St. Edmonds

Nominated by: Lindsay Pike

“My team are responsible for the overall functioning of the hospital, especially out of hours.  Bed management is also co-ordinated by patient flow.  Local businesses have been very kind to our staff, but the Patient Flow Team never seems to be remembered and other treats never make it to our office, it would be lovely if this nomination is looked upon favourably.”

Sands Bank Care Centre, Redcar

Nominated by: Rebecca Bansel.

“I would love to nominate the care home currently looking after my grandma.  They are doing their best to keep her, and the residents cared for and entertained while families are unable to visit and are helping us to stay connected through things like Facetime and regular updates. I am sure they would love to receive a treat to go with a cuppa.”

Regional Disabilities Team, Newcastle upon Tyne

Nominated by: Melissa Wong

“Exceptional front-line occupational therapist, really thankful for the team who are working tirelessly to care for the community in these crazy times.”

Cardiac Rehabilitation Team, Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Nominated by: Rose Edmondson

“Both my daughters work on this team and one is pregnant.  These are very anxious times for those having to go into hospitals to work each day not knowing what to expect, so anything we can do to brighten their day would be greatly appreciated.”

Coachmans Medical Practice, Crawley

Nominated by: Sue Elwin

“Feel saddened that doctors in this practice are having to make their own protective face screens out of laminating pouches or OHP acetate sheets because they do not have adequate PPE.  I am impressed by their commitment to their patients and their own ingenuity.  I am sure there are many doctors and nurses in the same position on the frontline facing similar compromises in these testing times – so thank you for the generosity you are showing these amazing people.”

Workington Community Nurse Team

Nominated by: Susan Grisedale

“The team go out to see people in their homes and provide an invaluable service to the community.”

Brompton House Care Home, Worcestershire

Nominated by: Carol Thorpe

“My mother is in this care home and the staff are absolutely brilliant, and like a lot of other front-line workers they are working very, very long hours every day to care for all the residents.  To receive a pack of your wonderful gingerbread would inspire my 91-year-old mother to tell the staff about all her happy memories of when she use to visit.”

Ward 2, Victoria Hospital, Blackpool

Nominated by: Tina Daniels

“The ward was changed to Covid-19 for coronavirus patients over 4 weeks ago.  They are working under so much pressure sometimes without PPE and with reduced staffing levels due to staff self-isolating with virus symptoms.  I know giving them a boost at this very difficult time would mean so much to them all.  Please put a smile on their faces and give them a boost.”

Sandfields Care Home, Cheltenham

Nominated by: Linda Mills

Child Protection Team, Thornaby

Nominated by: Sonia Pugh

“Child protection social workers continue to work during difficult times.  The staff continue to visit daily to children to ensure they are protected from abuse.  The workers continue to visit themselves at risk despite having no protective equipment.”

Ward 25, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead

Nominated by: Katherine Jones

“The team on this ward have recently moved from being a Care of the Elderly ward to a Covid ward in the last couple of weeks, and although they are under massive pressure, their care and compassion towards the patients and their families is phenomenal.”

Love this…

“ I am one of the nurse managers at the QE Hospital, and I have never been prouder to work for the NHS than I am currently.  I see heroic acts from all our staff on a daily basis.”

Department of Anaesthetics, Bedford Hospital

Nominated by: Linda Hammerbeck

“Their team is currently on intensive care duty, so it is very tough, both emotionally and physically.  I am sure they will be thrilled to receive the gingerbread, it is a wonderful thing to donate to the NHS, so I send a very big thank you to you all.”

Westy Hall Care Home, Warrington

Nominated by: Louise Bolan

“Staff moved in and having been living on site to protect residents from very early on in the crisis.  They have set up a Facebook group for residents and families to keep in touch with one another, including my nanna who is 100 this year.”

ITU Department, Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham

Nominated by: Julie Curtis

“My niece is on the front line and fully hands on with Covid-19 patients as she is a nurse in ITU.  She is working all hours and beyond and goes to work scared each day.  I know she and her colleagues would really appreciate some of your delicious gingerbread – when they actually get a quick break.”

Ward N2, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge

Nominated by: Karen Hammond

“They are working very hard as a team with a stream of Covid-19 patients every day.”

Enlli Ward, Bronglais Hospital, Aberystwyth

Nominated by: Judith Barton

“This is such a wonderful offer this ward care for the elderly mentally ill patients.”

Neighbourhood Night Service, Leeds Community Healthcare

Nominated by: Jo Lee

“ I would like to nominate a fabulous bunch of NHS people for some of your yummy gingerbread… my friend Sarah has been working tirelessly for the NHS for just over 25 years and the department she worked with now look after the elderly, vulnerable and needy.”

High Dependency Unit, Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool

Nominated by: Joan Pickavance

The nominator is retired from the NHS but is returning to do her bit – well done Joan.  Thank you.

Porters, Royal Preston Hospital

Nominated by: Anne Wilkinson

“For my son and the team – they walk miles so you can imagine how many more miles they are walking now, he said the first place he was going after lock-down would be the gingerbread shop!”

Clinical Haematology, Nottingham City Hospital

Nominated by: Cath Griffiths

“I am a leukaemia nurse specialist at NCH.  The Haematology team of docs and nurses on Toghill Ward do an amazing job, and I am proud to work with them.  There is a lot of fear and anxiety at the moment, especially as our patients have comprised immune systems and are very vulnerable.  I am sure your beautiful gingerbread would be appreciated.”

Beechcroft Care Home, Ilkeston

Nominated by: Jeanette Harper

“This home’s residents are carers are going through a very emotional time.  The home is under threat of closing and at when the residents need their families for support, they are thrust into a Covid-19 virus pandemic. What their thoughts and prayers are no one knows but I think, living to an old age thinking your home will not be there for a long time and having to fight to stay healthy is very hard.”

Thornfield Medical Group, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Nominated by: Jasmine Willis

“I want to nominate my mum who is a GP and the whole team of doctors, nurses, health carers and reception staff.  They have given up their surgery to be the ‘hot hub’ of Newcastle coronavirus cases in the community.  The staff still have to go into work knowing they are directly in the place people will now be coming to from all over the north east showing symptoms.  My mum and her team have had a lot of tears and sleepless night over it all but as on one else was stepping forward felt they had to give up their functioning business in this time for the greater good.”

Adult Social Care, Lincoln County Hospital

Nominated by: Julie Allen’

“I’d like to nominate the adult social care team, Care Trusted Assessors & Palliative Care Team at Lincoln County Hospital.  They are working very hard to ensure all those patients that are medically fit for discharge are able to leave the hospital with the correct help and support within 3 hours of being told they no longer need hospital intervention.  This means care packages, care home placements, and ensuring correct equipment and support are in place to start as soon as the patients leave the hospital setting. By ensuring this is done within 3 hours means that the beds on the wards are available for those that need them most.”

North Cumbria Domiciliary Support Services, Carlisle

Nominated by: Alan Air

“Fiona Hansbury and her team look after my autistic brother Ian.  Their dedication at this wretched time is inspiring.  Persuading Ian not to pick up litter, touch gates etc which is a habit – is an ongoing battle but he has responded admirable to heir firm but friendly reminders. Similarly, that Ian’s house is continually sanitised despite changeovers of staff reflects the camaraderie and high standards that Fiona inspires and encourages her team.  So often, carers of people with learning difficulties are forgotten by politicians and mainstream society.  They must not be forgotten during Covid-19 and afterwards.”

X-Ray Department, Oldham Royal Hospital

Nominated by: Gail Nelson.

Nominate Heather Andrew, Lead Intervention Nurse in the x-ray department.

Occupational Therapy Department, Clitheroe

Nominated by: Pen Hutchinson

“I would like to nominate my team of OT’s, education tutor and technical instructors for literally pulling out all the stops over the last few weeks.  We work in a secure hospital and are still delivering an interesting and diverse range of therapeutic sessions to support the 90 patients in our care.  Then team have never been negatives, been supportive of each other and all done with the same professionalism and essential sense of humour.  I am exceptionally proud of them all.  A shared brew and gingerbread would do us and our morale all good.”

Ossett Health Village, Wakefield

Nominated by: Amanda Violet

“I would like to nominate the urgent response team, they are a community-based team who are called out to urgent cases daily, they work really hard and currently changing roles due to Covid-19.  We are working alongside GP’s to visit patients and getting the help, meds, support they need.”

Children’s Occupational Therapy, Leeds

Nominated by: Marion Wright

“Thank you so much for your generous offer.  Please send to the OT team at this health centre many of whom are being deployed to new roles in the community.  They would really appreciate this gesture.”

Theatre Team, Cumberland Infirmary

Nominated by: Kathryn Jane Cook

“I would like to nominate the theatre team at the Cumberland Infirmary of which I am part of.  Our workplace has been turned upside down and the recovery area turned into a 10 bed ITU and changes occur daily.  Staff have changed shift patterns and working in unfamiliar areas and still they all soldier on.  I am so proud of all my colleagues.”

Community Rehabilitation Rapid Assessment Team, Leyland

Nominated by: Joanne McLoughlin

“Could I please nominate the NHS Central Lancashire Community Rapid assessment team who work every day to support very unwell patients in their home and prevent admissions to hospital.  GPs, the hospital and paramedics refer to the team to make people safe in their own home.  The team is made up off Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and support staff.  They are activity supporting discharge of Covid-19 from hospital to home plus seeing Covid-19 patients at home.  They would really appreciate this special treat, many thanks.”

Summerhill Care Home, Kendal

Nominated by: Naomi Brown

“I think your idea to send Grasmere Gingerbread to key workers during this incredibly challenging time is a brilliant idea. Thank you.  I would like to nominate the staff of Thirlmere Suite at Summerhill Care Home in Kendal.  The reason I nominate them is because my late mother lived at Summerhill for just a month last year and she was just settling into the home and getting to know the wonderful staff there when she unexpectedly died.  The care and kindness that we all received during her short time at Summerhill was excellent.  Recently the local press has published reports of multiple staff and residents becoming ill and some residents dying of coronavirus. Although these reports are unconfirmed, it is evident that the staff are under a lot of pressure during these difficult times and so I think they deserve a treat.”

Medical Assessment Unit, Arrowepark Hospital, Wirral

Nominated by: Kym Morris

“The nominated consultant and her team are working relentless on the front line.”

Howard Court Care Home, Brampton

Nominated by: Dawn Hesmondhalgh

“The wonderful staff at this care home are taking great care of their residents during this difficult time. They are always there to keep us updated on condition of patients, some with Covid-19 isolated in their own rooms.  They are richly deserving of this gesture of thanks.”

Children’s Ward 3, Calderdale Royal Hospital, Halifax

Nominated by: Chris Carr

“What a wonderful gesture to treat our wonderful NHS staff with the best treat ever – Grasmere Gingerbread! Paediatric Staff Nurse Liz and her team work tirelessly, but like everyone working in the NHS presently has even more challenges to deal with caring for and protect her young patients as well as herself, colleagues and family.  I know she would be over the moon to receive a goodie pack from you and share with her colleagues a little ginger spice will warm their hearts right now.  I do hope my nomination is successful, Liz is the most kind, generous and giving person ever and a credit to her profession.”

North West Ambulance 111 Service, Horwich

Nominated by: Linda Proctor

“They have been working 24 hours, 7 days a week providing clinical advice to millions all over the country since the very first day when Covid-19 began.  The staff all have children, family, loved ones that they are concerned about, but they are all giving 110% to ensure the service is able to meet demand., often working 14 hours a day and many working lots of extra hours.”

The Padua Ward, William Harvey Hospital, Ashford

Nominated by: Robert Houghton

“I would like to nominate the doctors, nurses and health care assistants and domestics all working on this paediatric ward at the William Harvey Hospital.  They continue to work hard, through almost daily changes in procedures designed to protect themselves and the patients in their care from this horrendous virus.  It must be terrifying to have the expose yourself to this everyday when other people are staying at home safe.”

Anaesthetic Department, The Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton

Nominated by: Kate Larcombe

“Your email lifted my spirits as always and I wanted to nominate my son and his team for some of your cheering up gingerbread.  He is a consultant neuro anaesthetist right in the front line in Brighton.  It is hard I think it might make him weep to see the familiar packaging!  But it would raise their spirits as a group, and I would be so glad if you could do it.  Every encouragement helps so I thank you for the idea.”

Ward 9 West, Charing Cross Hospital, London

Nominated by: Phil Meakin

“Would like to nominate the therapy team to lighten up their day.  They work on the stroke wards, not only do they assess and treat people who have been admitted to hospital with a stroke but they are also having to do this under the high pressure that Covid has placed on the hospital.  They do a fantastic job supporting patients and relatives with the life changing impacts of a stroke and deserve the delicious treat of Grasmere Gingerbread.”

X-ray Department, Royal Infirmary, Manchester

Nominated by: Karen Vickers

“I am retired after 40 years of working for the NHS as a senior radiographer involved in this very busy department.  On my visits to the Lake District I would always bring gingerbread back for my colleagues and it would be an extra surprise gift for them at this time.”

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Bebbington, Wirral

Nominated by: Gary Faulkner

“The nomination is for all the doctors, trainee ANP, nurses, HCA’s, domestics and cleaners on the CDU/Sulby Ward.  They are usually about 20 on shift which includes the above team.  They are doing a sterling job in hard times; most patients cannot be sent home and during treatment have no visitors; relying solely on the staff teams for their support.  I think this nomination will provide a much-needed boost for weary staff in the current circumstances and it is an excellent idea from Grasmere Gingerbread. Thank you.”

Emergency Assessment Suite, RVI, Newcastle upon Tyne

Nominated by: Julia Smith

“I would like to reward Rachel and her colleagues working so hard to save people’s lives so can you send some Gingerbread please.”

Park View Care Home, Warwick

Nominated by: Deborah King

HC-One Ltd, Darlington

Nominated by: Margaret Saunders

“I would like to nominate my daughter and her colleagues; they are working flat out on the phones taking care of relatives whose family members are in their care homes.  Their work is absolutely heart-breaking and relentless, they are unable to work from home and dealing with everything from undertakers to grieving families.”

Critical Care Unit, Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Nominated by: Diane Ogden

“Myself and my PAT dog Dandy visited the critical care unit at Blackpool Hospital on a weekly basis for two years until Covid-19 arrived.  The staff on the unit introduced pet therapy back in 2018 and both staff and patients valued the presence of pet therapy, for patient stabilisation, lifting hope, positive warmth and staff morale amongst many other benefits.  I observed over this time the tremendous work they did then and how going the ‘extra mile’ was a natural part of their day to day work, and I saw the pressures they were under on an average day to day basis.  For obvious reasons we haven’t seen them during this painful and challenging time, and I know they are working incredibly hard, with increased pressures and emotional pain, as indeed as many people. For this reason, I would like to nominate the whole team for their hard work, commitment and dedication to their patients.”

Anaesthetic Department, Sunderland Hospital

Nominated by: Julia Smith

“My brother is a consultant in the department and him and the team at Sunderland who deserve some Gingerbread to keep them going thanks for doing this.”

111 Department, Northern Doctors, Newcastle upon Tyne

Nominated by: Emma Sharp

“For my lovely colleagues at 111 to receive some of your delicious gingerbread. We’ve received unprecedented calls and with staff having to isolate, staff numbers are low.  I am sure they would love a treat.”


From everyone at Grasmere Gingerbread®, thank you for being there, for saving lives even as you risk your own and for being the best of humanity.

Joanne Hunter



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