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Unique Wedding Favours

MANY couples – from both the UK and abroad – choose Grasmere Gingerbread favours because they associate our unique spicy-sweet chewy delicacy with romantic holidays in the Lake District, exciting wedding proposals during weekend getaways or long-cherished memories of family days out in this beautiful corner of Britain.

They also evoke the provenance of the very first gingerbread favours, given to knights by admiring maidens at jousting fairs, whilst warming ginger spice has a deep-rooted historical association with romance and powerful intoxicating love.

Down the centuries wedding favours have been symbols of love, happiness, health and wealth for bridal couples whilst ginger has long been associated with passion and fertility.

The Grasmere Gingerbread Shop combined these two parallel traditions to create a unique range of beautiful but affordable Grasmere Gingerbread wedding favours which add a delightful finishing touch to a modern-day wedding.

The Most Original Wedding Favours in The World

Made from traditional or heart-shaped pieces of world-famous Grasmere Gingerbread, our wedding favours are presented in a variety of beautiful boxes, tins and pouches. These may be further personalised with names, love quotations from literature or special messages in complementary calligraphy and coloured ribbon.

No two wedding favour orders are ever alike and we can accommodate small intimate weddings for just family and a few close friends through to larger receptions with hundreds of guests. Whichever ceremony and celebration you choose to celebrate your marriage, Grasmere Gingerbread wedding favours will add that very extra special touch and will certainly be a talking point.

Christening Favours

Due to the aphrodisiacal reputation of ginger, many couples who served Grasmere Gingerbread favours at their wedding return again to serve them as favours at the christening services of their babies. And due to ginger’s reputation for fertility, they are especially appropriate at these tender family gatherings.


Centuries ago wealthy European aristocrats honoured wedding guests with small trinket boxes known as bonbonnieres. Made from crystal, porcelain, silver and gold, and filled with precious sugar confectionery, these were believed to pass on good fortune to recipients.

However, as sugar was expensive, most marrying couples handed out ribbon and lace love knots or embroidered linen bags filled with five plain almonds representing health, wealth, happiness, fertility & longevity. Later, as sugar became more affordable, almonds were coated with a sweet paste and actually known as confetti.

Gradually, sugared almonds evolved into the coloured, hard candy shelled confections we know today; the ubiquitous wedding favour. Grasmere Gingerbread wedding favours combine medieval tradition with ancient mysticism to create unique wedding favours that your guests will remember for years to come.

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Traditional 2 Piece Wrapped Packet

£1.95 per unit.

Minimum order = 30.

Box Chest

Various colours available, includes 2 pieces. From £2.25 per unit. Minimum order = 30. 

Dans Le Sac’

Natural Brown free-standing box bag includes: 2 Pieces. £2.25 per unit. Minimum order = 30. 

Natural Brown Heart Shaped Box

2 hearts (2 inches). £2.25 per unit. Minimum order = 50.

White Heart Shaped Box

2 hearts (2.5 inches). £2.50 per unit. Minimum order = 50.

Red Heart Shaped Box

2 hearts (2.5 inches). £2.50 per unit. Minimum order = 50.


Personalised ribbon option, includes 2 pieces. £3.50 per unit, £3.95 in silk. Minimum Order = 50. 

Silver Heart Shaped Tin

2 hearts (3 inches). £4.50 per unit. Minimum order = 30.

Natural Brown Heart Shaped Box with Gingerbread Couple

2 hearts (2 inches). £3.95 per unit, £4.25 personalised by initials. Minimum order = 50.

Traditional Presentation Gingerbread Tin

4 or 6 pieces. £5.25 / £6.50. Minimum order = 20. 

Prices given are on the basis of a minimum order of 20 favours. 


Coloured Heart Shaped Box

Made to order – various colours and finishes available on request. 2 hearts (2.5 inch or 4 inch). Price on request. Minimum order = 50.

Large Gingerbread Heart (8.5 Inch)

1 piece. Minimum order 6 or individual heart surcharge £4.00 (Non-applicable with Wedding Favour order)

Naked Heart (plain) £15.00

Half Chocolate Coated £20.00

Half Chocolate Coated with personlisation {as shown} £25.00

Presented in a heart gift box. 



Personalised Ribbon Service

Our in-house personalised ribbons add personal touches to your carefully chosen wedding favours. Create special messages for guests or include the date and venue for a charming keepsake.  




Calligraphy Tags 

These can be added to most favour options and prices depend on tag requirements.

Pictured opposite for Bronze, Gold and White theme Wedding Favour. 

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