A wonderful gesture…

WHEN a couple’s wedding in the Peak District was postponed because of Covid 19 they overcame their disappointment by thinking of others.

Having ordered 100 Grasmere Gingerbread® wedding favours, they immediately donated them to the staff at their local Croydon University Hospital.

“It was to show our appreciation to all the staff at the Croydon University Hospital for their hard work in these scary and troublesome times,” explained Shevaun.

In redirecting the favours to the hospital, Shevaun hoped the ‘sweet treat’ would lift their spirits.

“When the crisis started we thought we might have to go ahead with just ourselves and a few friends as family members living abroad couldn’t fly in,” she said.

“But then we thought it wouldn’t be that much fun and we didn’t really want to start out married life that way.”

Ironically, on what would have been their wedding day, Shevaun emerged from self-isolation to a celebratory glass of champagne.

She took the precaution after coming into contact with someone who feared they had the virus.

Now, having postponed their wedding until the spring of 2021, the couple are upbeat.

“Imagine if we had gone ahead? ‘You may now elbow bump the bride’ lacks a certain romance,” said Shevaun.

Joanne Hunter, a Director of Grasmere Gingerbread®, said the story had warmed her heart at a time when good news was in short supply.

“When their wedding does eventfully go ahead we will be re-baking their wedding favours for free.”