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Grasmere Gingerbread® Bumblebee


You are sure to be bee-witched by our latest cuddly collectible which has just flown in through an open window to land on our shelves. Handmade from a natural wool felt blend, our striking yellow and black striped Grasmere Gingerbread® Bumblebee is generating a real buzz, especially as it’s carrying a packet of Grasmere Gingerbread®. If honeycomb supplies in the hive run low, at least our world-famous sweet treat will keep the rest of the swarm buzzing over the summer.

Whilst NOT A TOY it can be enjoyed by any age.

No part of this product is edible.

Measuring: 7cm in length with a maximum height of 4.5cm. String hoop for hanging the friendly bumblebee measures 7cm. 

This product is classed as 1 Unit. You can have up to 8 units in your package before incurring additional delivery charges.