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Grasmere: A History in 55½ Buildings


Regular visitors to Grasmere will love this wonderful book as it unpeels layers of time to reveal the fascinating and often long-lost histories of its buildings. Was it always a shop? Did it always look like that? Is it really that old? I can't believe it was a school, I would never have thought that - and so on. Turning a page of the book is like turning a corner in the village and finding yourself in a very different country. They did do things differently there.

Grasmere: A History in 55½ Buildings is also packed with fascinating snippets of the lives of locals - famous ones like poet William Wordsworth and Grasmere Gingerbread inventor Sarah Nelson - as well as those who are not household names.

Ghosts from a misty past reappear to reinvigorate our imagination as we stroll through sepia images of this iconic Lakeland village. The Grasmere History Group has dug deep into the local Wordsworth Trust archives, spoken to locals with long memories and uncovered an array of incredible old photographs - many never been published before - to paint an incredibly affectionate and detailed portrait of a village that millions of people have visited but have never seen like this before.

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