Memories of Grasmere

Presented by Cumbrian enthusiasts Mark Richards and Dave Felton - and the 93rd in their ‘Countrystride’ series - it enabled the co-director of Grasmere Gingerbread® to re-live episodes from childhood and explore the magic of this charming and historic village at the heart of the Lake District. Mark and Dave - who both live and work in Cumbria - said it was a pleasure accompanying Joanne around Grasmere and to explore atmospheric St Oswald’s churchyard, hear about the church’s annual Rushbearing ceremony, learn about Joanne’s Nanny Hunter who was a parlour maid in the era of Beatrix Potter over t’Raise, frosty windows at Church Stile, the Christmas whist drive, and how she has nurtured the remarkable legacy of Saran Nelson who invented Grasmere Gingerbread® in 1854. Joanne admitted that the experience of opening her heart about so much that is still so dear to her - and which had shaped her character over 55 years at the heart of Grasmere Gingerbread® - was ‘very emotional’ but also cathartic. ‘I hope it gives listeners an insight into why Grasmere is so special and why it attracts visitors from all over the world,’ said Joanne.

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