Wedding Favours Ideas

Unique Wedding Favours from Cumbria’s world-famous Grasmere Gingerbread Shop

Make them your very own….

Even though our wedding favours are unique you can still make them your very own. With little effort there is so much that you can add on to make them very personal to you and your wedding.

Calligraphy Service
We are pleased to be able to offer this service to our customers. Our calligrapher offers various options; bride & groom names, dates, locations, even the whole guest list so they can be used individually as a name place setting. The Calligraphy service can be offered on most of the options available.

Personalised Ribbon Service
We are able to offer this popular option of personalised printed ribbon. It can be incorporated into all of our options and there is a huge choice on colour of ribbon, colour of ink, and type-face, not forgetting what you would like to have printed on.

Name Place Settings
Our wedding favours can be easily used as name place settings making them a very personal gift for your guest and making your table layouts very attractive. Individual names can be put on in various formats such as hand-written or printed.

Personalised to YOU
You can obviously do this through our calligraphy service or with personalised ribbon, however here are just a few examples of what some brides have created themselves to make them very individual.

Colours and Themes
It is always exciting when we have contact with a new bride because they all have such different ideas for their weddings, whether it is the colour or the theme. We have selected some recent creations that are linked in with wedding themes and colours.

When and how to give your favours…

You don’t have to be conventional – why not have one of your flower girls or bridesmaids give them out before the speeches, or if you are away on location then why not put them on the guest’s pillows as a ‘turn down’ gift – a final reminder to the end of your special day.

If you particularly like the chest boxes these are large enough to include a personal message from yourselves, this could be a few words about the day, thanking your guests for partaking in your special day, and a piece of poetry or perhaps informing them of the strong romantic connections the gingerbread has.

“And had I but one penny in the world, thou shouldst have it to buy gingerbread”

Don’t forget you could give large personalised hearts to your attendants/helpers or bespoke hampers to parents.

For help and advice on making our special wedding favours individual then please do not hesitate in giving us a call on (00) 44 15394 35428 or email us at