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It looks like a biscuit, rather than a traditional ginger sponge, crunchy and chewy and so very, very moreish!

Some fabulous recipe ideas...

Sarah's Ginger Parfait

Sarah's Jamaican Ginger Bananas

Ginger Citrus Trifles

Yasmine's Gingery Peaches

Here are some suggestions on how to eat it!

Plain with your morning coffee - the staff have it every morning this way! (It's an excellent remedy for morning sickness!)

  • Afternoon tea

  • With a glass of red or mulled wine!

  • Soaked in a liqueur - such a Cointreau, then served with créme fráiche

  • Hot with our rum butter

  • Hot with ice-cream or whipped cream

  • Covered with poached pears and drizzled with warm chocolate

  • Served with liqueur raspberries and whipped cream

Gingerbread crumbs

We sell the crumbs over the shop counter, which have now become very popular  - there're a great alternative to a digestive biscuit base for a cheesecake (ie lemon or raspberry).

Warm the crumbs up and sprinkle them over ice-cream - delicious!

Again warm the crumbs up and serve in the middle of a fresh pineapple ring with whipped cream - yummy!

The list is endless..., however if you have any ideas please share them with us!

For more recipes written by Celebrity Chefs using Grasmere Gingerbread click here.

Click on the picture to see Phil Vickery's recommended recipe!

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